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Dylan 100 Songs and Pictures Book


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  • Format: Sheet music
  • Publisher: Omnibus Press
  • Collection is printed in melody line, guitar chord boxes and full lyrics

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Bob Dylan is popular music’s most celebrated poet/singer/songwriter – a legend, a maverick and a superstar who has rarely given away much about his personal life. Now comes “Dylan: 100 Songs & Pictures”, a truly unique collectable book about the man, featuring the full sheet music of his most important songs plus the intimate stories behind them – all accompanied by 100 rare photographs. Many of the songs have been chosen by fellow performers such as Bono and Sir Paul McCartney and together with the sometimes haunting and compelling photographs, they give an intimate insight into Dylan’s progression from corduroy capped folk hero to unrepentant electric rocker. The chosen songs match each stage of Dylan’s personal and creative odyssey and sometimes look almost as potent on the printed page as they sounded when Dylan performs them on stage or on record. “Dylan: 100 Songs & Pictures” is both a celebration of a great artist and a highly collectable book that shows Dylan’s work in the context of his life and times, as well as revealing his influence on some of the greats who were his contemporaries or followers. Each of the 100 songs featured in this prestigious collection is printed in melody line, guitar chord boxes and full lyrics. The result is a magnificant musical, visual and textual commentary on the life, music and influence of the one and only Bob Dylan.

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