Bass Drum, Yamaha 18×14″ Live Custom, Oak Plies Drum, Black Wood Finish


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  • Thicker oak ply produce deeper sound.
  • Black appearance.
  • E.S.S. mounts
  • Absolute Lugs.
  • Die-cast Bass Drum Hooks.
  • Open Type Floor Tom Bracket includes wing bolts.
  • Emperor Head.
  • 3mm Dyna Hoops.


1 in stock

Live Custom series is designed with a greater focus on playing in live situations using 1.2mm oak plies that are 10% thicker than those used on our Oak Custom drums. Bass drum shells are comprised of eight-ply designs while tom, floor tom, and snare shells are constructed with six. The Live Custom delivers a sound with greater strength and depth, provides rich expressive power that exceeds your imagination, and features hardware designed with some new, innovative ideas that delivers incredible stability and reliability even in the demanding environment of the stage. Oak’s sound is clear and well defined with a powerful low-end that shakes your soul. On stage, and in the studio as well, Live Custom delivers a fat, rich tone with awe-inspiring presence.


  • Thicker oak ply produce deeper sound. 10% thicker than the plies used in the Oak Custom, the oak plies found in these shells deliver sound with greater power on the live stage.
  • Black appearance. Dark silver hardware delivers dominating image further heightened with the all black shell interiors.
  • E.S.S. mounts are designed to minimize contact between the shell and the mount to deliver a wider dynamic range and longer sustain.
  • Absolute Lugs. Sells feature Yamaha’s exclusive Absolute Lugs. Their sophisticated design adds a touch of class to the drums.
  • Die-cast Bass Drum Hooks. Bass drums feature newly designed die-cast hooks, which provide noise free function through the use of an insertion plate.
  • Open Type Floor Tom Bracket includes wing bolts. It’s designed to clamp tightly on the leg without damaging it, to save time on stage, and to deliver optimum decay control.
  • Emperor Head. Toms and floor toms are equipped with clear Remo Emperor Heads, which are known for their deep sound and great durability.
  • 3mm Dyna Hoops. Thicker steel hoops offer a tighter sound and sharper response.


  • Size (Diameter × Depth): 18″×14″
  • Model No.: LNB1814
  • Shell: 8-ply 9.6mm Oak
  • Lug: Absolute Lug (dark silver finished)
  • Hoop: Wood Hoop
  • Bearing edge 45 degree R1.5
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