Learning Piano as an Adult

Not everyone wants to be taught by a teacher but if you are willing, it can save you time and provide you with some much-needed direction. A teacher can also be the perfect compliment to other learning methods.

I bought a digital piano and set it up in the living room. With enthusiasm I started learning a song that I loved using YouTube. This was going to be easy! Well, I lasted for a week and the song sort of turned out to be a dud.

Disheartened, I didn’t play for a bit and the piano just sat there, almost taunting me for not spending time with it.

A good friend of ours suggested I take a few lessons and gave me the number of a piano teacher. I called and booked a lesson and by the end of our first class I was excited to learn again.

My teacher started by asking me what I wanted from learning to play piano. I then played her the song I had (ruined) been working on and I could see her smile. I was awful. She got me to break the song down into small pieces and play one hand at a time, very slowly. Wow, nice song!

So simple. I was pretending to be better than I was. She was able to point out what I was doing wrong and easily shift me in the right direction.

Another thing she told me was that, “music is meant to be shared”. When you play with someone or for someone it changes, and becomes something new. I still go to her once every two weeks.

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