How to Setup the Roland TD-17 V-Drums kit


Setting Up The Rack Left or Right-handed

First time setup is the most time consuming but once the rack is built, you can leave it setup and simply fold it if you need to move it, safe in the knowledge it will be ready to go next time.

Alternatively, you can remove the side poles and cymbal arms for packing down into a drum hardware traps case.

Follow these quick steps to setup the V-Drums rack!:

  1. Lay the rack pipes and components down on the floor first along with the picture of the completed rack so you have everything within easy reach as you build.
  2. Pay attention to ensure the 4 legs are at right-angles with relation to the floor for best stability.
  3. Make sure the leg and rack pole bolts that attach to the main square front cross-frame are tight.
  4. Once the rack is upright, position the accessories such as stool, kick pedal and components in the most comfortable position for you.

TIP: When packing the rack down for travel, leave the clamps in position for quick and easy setup back to your preferred positions.

Here, a seasoned pro, Craig Blundell of the Steven Wilson band shows his setup procedure and tips for good playing ergonomics with V-Drums.


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