An Open Letter To Parents

Interestingly, your question, “How do I find the right teacher?” is relatively new. In generations past, many parents didn’t ask this question. They didn’t realise they could ask it. If someone was teaching in the neighbourhood or at school, it was assumed that he or she was qualified and would suffice. Unfortunately, as I’ve learned from many of my older students, that wasn’t always the case.

I’ve worked with many adults in their 60’s, 70’s, and even 80’s. They’d often describe a teacher from decades ago–someone who’d rap them over the knuckles with a ruler if they didn’t hold their hands properly, or chastise them, or say they weren’t musical. For some reason, this seemed to happen a lot. And it left an indelible impression on the student.

As a result, the student grew up concluding that they’d failed, that they were incapable of creating beautiful music. But then years later, something would inspire them to play the piano again. With courage, they’d look for a teacher and somehow find me. As we worked together, they’d become relieved and happy to discover that none of those conclusions was true!

So you see, dear parent, your child is fortunate. Your effort to find the right teacher may very well change your child’s life for the better from now on forward!

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